Times Are A Changin’

Woolworths & Coles to Phase out single-use bags

When announcements like this are made, Bob Dylan’s song ‘Times are a Changing’ pops into my head. People all around Australia have been lobbying for a plastic bag ban for years, and moves like this, by big corporations, creates a shift that move mountains.

Last week, Woolworths, quickly followed by Coles announced that they are going to phase out ‘single use’ plastic bags over the next year. That is MASSIVE.  While it can be easily critisced, as they will be offering ‘durable’ plastic bags for 15cents, and some may ask, why can’t it just stop next month?, it is important to acknowledge and celebrate this decision, because it really is HUGE;

3.2 Billion Bags/Year from Woolworths Alone
The above Woolworths brands will all ban the bag

That is a massive change, and will reduce our landfill and plastic pollution in amazing ways. Coles is yet to detail its commitment but Coles Chief Customer Officer Simon McDowell stated;

“We’ve been working towards this announcement for some time now as part of our ongoing program to improve environmental outcomes throughout our business,”

Coles and Woolworths have strengthened the case for the QLD government to commit to a state wide plastic bag ban. In the past, the corporations have not always supported the legislation, and it is encouraging to know that they are setting a precedent for our government. This is people power in action!!

Mathilde and I are still working furiously in the background and there are many plans in the work. We have recently started up conversations with a great group called OceanWise. It looks like we are going to do some really cool stuff with them.


Mathilde will be heading up to Cape York to help in Tangaroa Blue’s efforts cleaning remote beaches. The annual clean up is a huge part of the work of the Tangaroa Blue Foundation dealing with both domestic and international waste that ends up on our shores.

We have also started some conversations with Chuffed. our crowd funding platform and have some exciting news to share very soon!

Please keep reading, leave us a comment, question or even just some encouragement to keep writing!

Lastly, we want to get to $5000 raised by August! Can you share this with a friend who can donate? Spare $50 from your tax return? Let us help you change the world!



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