The Film – Changing Tides

Kayaking the length of the Inside Passage was a journey of challenge, freedom and friendship. We completed this incredible adventure in 2018 and did it plastic free. Now you can join us on the 3 month journey, experience the highs and lows and understand how we planned such an epic trip without using single-use-plastic

We want to make sure that this film has impact. Apart from sharing the story of our incredible trip, we will ensure that the film raises awareness of the issue of marine debris and promotes ocean stewardship. Which is why we are entering our film in several competitions and hope that our film will tour around Australia (maybe even the world)! Entering our film in these tours means that we can’t have the film available for free public consumption while they are touring. We will be having some special premier events, in select communities, prior to the film tours.

This is what the timeline will look like:

  • September & October 2019: Premier Screenings – Cairns and Victoria (British Columbia)
  • September 2019 – December 2020: Films in competitions/tour mode – hopefully we will see them around Australia if they get in
  • 2021 – Changing Tides will be available from our website for community screenings!

Follow this page for updates!