Support Team

We are so lucky to be supported by a team of friends who are making sure we can keep in contact, stay safe and make the most of this incredible journey. Here is a little bit about them:

David Clarke – Support Team Leader

I became friends with Mathilde and Lucy during our undergraduate studies at JCU in Cairns where,
like Mathilde, I obtained a Bachelor of Science majoring in Zoology and Ecology. Over the course of
that degree, I only became more and more aware of the damaging impact our rubbish has on the
marine ecosystem. This led me to start not only volunteering with initiatives such as Tangaroa Blue,
but to also do my own mini beach clean anytime I went to coastal areas. I was very excited to hear
about the adventure these two amazing women were planning to embark on and was only too
happy to jump onboard and assist in any way I could. I’m very proud to call them my friends!

Leah Woldhuis – Social Media Coordinator

Leah & Lucy have been friends since working in Outdoor Education together in 2009. I travel to beautiful seaside locations, and it’s daily that I see first-hand the damage we humans are doing to our oceans and sealife, worldwide. I’m in admiration of Lucy & Mathilde who are do-ers that have found a way to make a difference, and challenge themselves at the same time. I’m in full support of them.
Linden – Media Liaison and Cake Ninja
We first met Linden at James Cook University whilst we led the JCU Sustainability club. Linden gave us great encouragement for our student efforts on campus. We soon shared experiences volunteering for Tangaroa Blue Foundation and cleaning up beaches together. Linden is a great friend and lent her media and cake skills to our journey.
Ethan Dinnen – Emergency Responder
Ethan is a friend from Mathilde’s first visit to Canada. A keen adventurer himself, he can often be found caving, hiking, rock climbing or swinging off bridges in his spare time.  He is an avid adventurer but also a smart one, with lots of emergency response and communications training. He is a great choice as our emergency responder.
Lisa and Daniel – Food Logistics
We met Lisa and Daniel after they shared their story on Facebook. Lisa and Daniel made an unfathomable contribution to the success of our trip and our ability to reach our goals. Preparing and dehydrating over 500 meals for the expedition. All of the food was rescued and vegan. We are lucky to call them our friends.
Rachel Schoeler – Route and Planning

We met Rachel while she worked at OceanWise. A fellow adventurer she has completed some of her own incredible adventures and we became friends very quickly. Rachel helped us to organise a lot of our events and logistics before, during and after our expedition. Including coordinating our contribution to the ‘Young Women in Leadership and Ocean Literacy Camp”. She is another friend for life!