Our expedition is not only an adventure but has a deep meaning for us too. We will raise awareness of the problems that our oceans face, and raise money for those who are actively changing that.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to this campaign already! A beautiful name cloud of donors so far! See the most up to date list of awesome oceans guardians here

You can choose one or all three ways to support us:

Reduce Plastic : Donate : Sponsor

Reduce Plastic

Pledge to reduce your plastic consumption in some way, or go all out and join us in going plastic free for the duration of our trip!

  • Challenge yourselves
  • Learn from our tips and tricks which we will post on our website and Facebook Page
  • Join a community of people who are aiming to reduce their plastic consumption
  • Motivate us to keep going
  • Raise awareness through your networks
  • By the end of the three months, it will just seem like a way of life
Support $1/day


  • For those who are daunted at going plastic-free but still want to help
  • Know that your donations are motivating us to paddle onwards every day

Donate any amount

  • Support the marine conservation organisations to continue looking after our oceans and raise awareness around the world
  • Assist us in buying equipment, paying for ferry passes, sourcing plastic-free food and much more

Sponsor us through in-kind donations

Some examples of this could include:

  • Advertising through your platforms
  • Donating kayaking equipment
  • Donating navigation equipment
  • Donating camping gear
  • Donating camera gear
  • Helping us make a short documentary, or assisting us with media (we’re not very tech-savvy…)”

We will be forever grateful for any form of support from all you wonderful people!


Lucy and Mathilde