Together for a Moment

It has been an awesome week in Brisbane! Mathilde stopped by for a week in between her current travels. Lucy is heading to the United States on Sunday for 2 weeks and Mathilde will fly to France for a month. With both of us abroad for a short amount of time it was a great chance to catch up, review plans, train together and meet new connections.

We couldn’t have asked for a better week! We are both gratefully exhausted as we have made the most of it and have pushed our bodies and our creative minds. Training together is always more motivating, and we are both sore muscled after our circuit training, running, climbing and kayaking this week. We have both taken big leaps in our Eskimo roles, Mathilde learning from scratch and Lucy remembering an unpracticed skill. It was great to have our friend Denis out rolling with us and sharing in the laughs. We also met some other great people this week, adding to the list of great connections that are going to make this expedition a reality.

We spent an hour on the phone with James, a great guy who works with Ocean Wise at the Vancouver Aquarium. We are excited by the opportunities that James has suggested and we are now in the process of establishing some really great collaborations! At the moment we can’t tell you more than that, because we can’t tell you more than we know, but stay tuned for some future news in this space. Our favourite words from James were: Recreation is a gateway to conservation.

Next we visited Larissa Zimmerman, Your Money Mistress. We came across Larissa through our conservation work. She is a financial planner with a social and environmental conscious. She offered us a discount for the cause, which was incredibly kind and we were excited to see what advice we could get. Mathilde and I are generally pretty good with our finances, but we both agreed that Larissa gave us a perspective and advice we had never had before. We looked at our relationship with money, how we value it and our attitudes towards it, rather than crunching numbers and adding values. It was great to speak a financial language that was already familiar and we are already more excited about the potential to put more money aside for this expedition. We have estimated that this expedition will cost us a minimum of $10 000 each. All of our fundraising goes directly to our chosen conservation programs, leaving us to self fund the entire trip.

Our last meeting was with the team at We really can’t say enough about this team. They are truly inspirational. The organisation provides the fundraising platform for free. They are able to fund the organisation by asking for donations to their cause, rather than just taking their cut from donations made like some other organisations. Not only that, they offer free mentoring sessions, which we decided to take up. Marlies called us from London and we had a 30min consult which gave us a lot of creative and fun ideas for fundraising. We are really looking forward to putting some into practice. Marlies also mentioned a really exciting opportunity for fundraising to us, but as it is not yet 100% we can’t discuss it, all I can say is STAY TUNED!

However, we both agree that the best thing about this week was spending time together. We have been living in different cities for the last 6 months, which makes training and communicating a challenge. It was absolutely fantastic to have the time to hang out, discuss ideas, train and catch up! This week has left us more determined, focused and excited for our trip to the Inside Passage and we are stepping closer every day.


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