Picking Up!

Everything is starting to pick up and we are excited! On the 22nd of May we launched our website and fundraising and we are so stoked to see how it has kicked off! 13 days after starting we have managed to raise AU$1,650!! What is really great about our funds raised so far, is that so much comes from our friends and family. You are the people who help make us who we are and inspire us to do what we do, so thank you!

Special thanks to all our donors so far:

Denis Stojanovic, Bree McC, Narelle Lamb, Shakira Pickup, Lachlan Parsons, Teresa  Carrette, Zelda Grimshaw, Lola Visschers, Amalia Anindia, Lydia Popham, David Clarke, Kylie Lamb, Stephanie Walton, Lou Gordon, Grace Keyworth, Helen Beardall, Mikhaila Jacoby, Mandy and Neil Breeze, Solitaire  Irwin, Laurence Smith, Rosemary Hill, John Hill, Sarah Graham and Denise Donald.

As funds picked up, so did Lucy, heading up to Noosa for the monthly beach clean up. The 430am start was worth it. The sun was shining (after it got its lazy self up over the horizon), the people were merry, as old friends came together. The regular clean up means that not a lot of rubbish accumulates, however we still picked up more than 70Kg of marine debris from the beaches. The debris were counted and the data will go to the Tangaroa Blue Foundation who use the information to create source reduction schemes, and other great preventative measures. As their motto says, “if all we ever do is clean up, that is all we will ever do”

After a morning of cleaning Lucy headed out to the Noosa headland with her beach cleaning buddy, to enjoy the power of the ocean from the sea cliffs!

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