We’re ready to rumble!

Today marks the day that we launch our project into the public realm. We have finished our website, created a Facebook and Instagram page and started a crowdfunding site (we have already raised $230 thanks to many wonderful donations!) ALL donations will go towards the Tangaroa Blue Foundation in Australia and the Living Oceans in Canada, two amazing organisations that work on combating marine debris and finding solutions through source reduction plans. Check them out on our ‘the cause’ page. We have also sent out a media release and the ball is rolling! On the trip planning and training side, we have now fully mapped out our route and made plans for camping and water collection sites. Lucy has bought a kayak, been on several training paddles in the Brisbane area and practiced Eskimo rolls. Mathilde has done some paddles through the tropical oceans around Cairns and is now traveling through New Zealand, sussing out the islands for some day trips. Our excitement levels are through the roof! This time next year we will be pushing our kayaks off the shores of Alaska. We would love it if you followed us on our journey, share our pages and tell your friends and family. Until next time! Lucy and Mathilde Xx

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