Feeling the love!

Hello again!

In between adventures, family time, work and the rest of life, we have learnt how to create a website! Lots of other things have been happening behind the scenes as well, and the excitement is constantly building… Here is a snapshot of the last couple of weeks.

1. We contacted the Tangaroa Blue Foundation, which has been running a program called the Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI) for the last 12 years. This program aims to not only tackle the extensive task of removing man-made debris from our coastlines, but strives to target the source of this rubbish and prevent it getting into our marine environment in the first place. Both of us have done a bunch of clean-ups with this organisation in FNQ, in beautiful places such as Cape Kimberley, Snapper Island, 4 Mile beach and Orpheus Island. We love the work that they do and  want to support them in any way we can. They were super happy to partner with us and share the message of our journey. The money we raise for them will go towards funding their annual Cape York clean-ups. Tangaroa Blue has been visiting the pristine beaches up this coastline for the past 5 years, and they have already seen a reduction in the amount of rubbish found every time. Most importantly, they have been able to log really important data about the source of the debris washing up, and partner with stakeholders to solve these issues. We hope to help the project continue into the next year!

Mathilde’s parents and grandparents reppin the Tangaroa Blue shirts! So far they are some of our biggest fans (even though they all think we are a little crazy…)

2. We are in the process of sourcing some maps of the passage we will be traveling, to start planning the stages of our trip in more detail. This will involve doing lots of research on what others have done in the past, as we figure out the similarities and differences we want for our trip.

3. The search for a marine conservation group in Alaska/Canada to be our second receiver of fundraised money has begun. This week will involve contacting a few of them and establishing partnerships across the globe!

4. We are brainstorming ways that people can help support us on our journey, other than reading up on our progress (thank you for watching this space, we love it!). This ranges from pledging to limit single-use plastic consumption, to in-kind or monetary donations

5. We will also be joining the world of Instagram and YouTube and posting pictures/videos of our planning and training over the next few months (prepare to both get excited with us, and laugh at our failures…)



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