We’re in the Ocean Film Festival 2021!

Changing Tides will be featured as one of the many great films in the Ocean Film Festival 2021

It’s been almost 3 years since we lived our our dream of paddling the Inside Passage! Yet still to this day we are keeping the adventure alive. In 2020 we released our film ‘Changing Tides’. We have had a premier screening in Australia, and Canada, and had an online screening during lock down – which while wasn’t perfect, was a fun experiment!

Now we get to share our adventure all over again. We are so very thankful to the team at the Ocean Film Festival and Adventure Reel, who have worked with us to create a special edition of ‘Changing Tides’ for the Ocean Film Festival. In collaboration with our original film makers Anna T, and Akemi, and some real heros at the Ocean Film Festival, we are bringing to the screen a 17min short film with not-seen-before footage, some new tracks and funny moments.

Make sure you check out the website and find a screening near you!

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