Pre-paddle Prep Ramping Up

It’s been a long time between blogs and boy, have we been busy! Preparation is in overdrive as our launch date quickly approaches – only 4 days to go! In the last month we’ve traveled to Canada, tackled logistical obstacles, mass food preps, as well as holding a clean up, a school talk and a workshop. We could not have accomplished so much in the lead up without the help of wonderful, generous family, friends and complete strangers.

Mathilde arrives in Vancouver

Mathilde traveled solo to Vancouver 3 weeks ago to get the logistics sorted – starting with the pick up of our brand new Boréal Design kayaks from Vancouver, USA – a confusingly named suburb across the border near Portland, USA – 5 hours drive from Vancouver, Canada. Thanks to the help of friends and a specific friends of friends of friends, Martin, our shiny new boats were safely delivered to our launching location.

Lucy’s Brisbane Clean-Up

Meanwhile, Lucy was still working and planning from Brisbane. She co-ordinated a clean up with Tangaroa Blue and Kathmandu. With the help of 37 volunteers, we cleared 237kg worth of rubbish from Brisbane mangroves and waterways! Sorting and counting the debris creates data that we are then able to act upon specifically.

Mathilde’s School Talk

Back in Vancouver, Mathilde was invited to Anne-Hebert French School to talk about Marine Debris with some of the most impressionable, curious minds – primary school kids. They were so engaged, with lots of questions, which gets us excited to educate the adults of the future.

FullSizeRender 5

Lupii Cafe Mass Food Prep

Words can’t express how great Lupii Cafe has been to us. Together with the help of volunteers, they have cooked, dehydrated and packaged copious amounts of nutritious, vegan, waste-free meals for us for our 12 weeks away – that’s over 500 meals, including desserts!! We’re currently packing the last of the food and gear resupply boxes to go out to the pick up locations along our route.

Lupii Cafe also generously hosted a fundraising community dinner for us, raising more money for Vancouver Aquarium and Tangaroa Blue.

DSC02429-1   29872030_855321694675168_3793469528562963198_o

Plastic-free Living Workshop

Together we hosted our first Waste-free Workshop, educating 40 keen participants on how to reduce waste at home, as well as make their own waste-free products. We made deodorant, moisturiser, toothpaste, wax wraps and boomerang bags!

Check out how to make your own products at home: Going Plastic Free

4 Days Until Launch!

In the final preparations before we set off, we’re figuring out the last of logistics, flying ourselves and our gear to Juneau to meet our Boréal Design Kayaks and getting ferried to our exact departure point near Mt. Wright in Glacier Bay National Park. And that’s when the fun really starts!

Thankyou again to all of our supporters – we couldn’t do any of this without you 💙

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