2018: Kicking off with a Win!

Starting 2018 with A New Sponsor!

We have recently announced our most recent sponsor! Boreal Design Kayaks have given us two Storm 17’s for the duration of our paddle, along with some safety equipment and repair kits as well! Check out our latest newsletter for all the detail.

To subscribe, please email passage.adventures@gmail.com

2017 was an amazing year.

Thank you so much to everyone who made it such a success! Let’s take a moment to reflect on what we managed to achieve in 2017:

  • Officially launched our website, social media and fundraising
  • Became Ambassadors for Chuffed crowdfunding
    • Ran 2 really great workshops on how to crowd-fund
  • Coordinated 2 marine debris clean ups in Brisbane
  • Had a presence at Jack Johnson’s ‘All at Once Tour’ on behalf of The Tangaroa Blue Foundation
  • Spent a weekend in Sydney training with Rob Mercer – The Balanced Paddler!
  • Formed partnerships with
    • OceanWise Conservation Program
    • Education programs across British Colombia
    • IUCN Nature for All Project
    • UN Clean seas program
  • Gained Sponsorship from
    • Lunette Australia
    • Werner Paddles
    • Kokatat
  • Connected with some amazing people
    • Sean Allen- A Kayaker who put us in contact with some great contacts!
    • Nikki Rekman – Who pitched our adventure to some of our now sponsors!
    • Sandy Robson – A great inspiration, who took the time to mentor us and share her passion and experiences
    • Justine Curgenven – Another great inspiration who shared her experiences with us
    • Freya Hoffmiester – Another great inspiration who shared her experiences with us
    • Dani Gordon – who is helping us arrange our charts and safety equipment
  • Training Training Training!! Big thanks to our mate Denis who has been training with us, helping us improve and even sometimes just ferrying us to start and finish points! Such a legend!

It has been a huge learning experience for both of us. We have learned again how to work through late nights, push through long paddles and toughen up in rough conditions (both on and off the water). We have learned to keep meeting new people, connecting across the seas, to always ask questions, you never know how great the answer may be.

More than anything we have learned what two people can do. Never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined that our project would be what it is today. However, the collective efforts of our friends, family and complete strangers is making this idea bigger and better than we could have hoped!

This one is a short but sweet check in and we will have more to come soon!


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