We covered the most basic achievement in ‘Easy Wins’, which is taking your own re-usable bag to the shops.

Step Two is choosing to buy options that don’t have plastic packaging.

Bulk Food Stores are becoming a more common occurrence across Australia and the world. These stores allow you to bring your own containers for the food, or two use paper bags that are available in-store. Some of them even have bottles and bags available for purchase.There are franchised stores such as ‘The Source‘, local bulk stores and lots of food coops.

Find Alternatives. There are things you buy at the supermarket that have plastic free options on the same shelf. Tea, for example… ever notice the thin layer of plastic around the box. Bushells Tea doesn’t have that! Buy flour in a paper bag, or nuts at the scoop yourself section.

Take containers and wax wraps along to the shops with you. That way you can get deli goods and cheeses in without plastic packaging.


Avoid Plastic Wrapping. Vegetables are increasingly coming in plastic packaging, Styrofoam trays and cling wrap. Instead of a bag of carrots, buy the loose ones. This is an easy and important change!