On the Road

Traveling single-use plastic free can be difficult, and totally depends on who you’re with, which country you’re traveling to, and what activities you will be getting up to.

As an absolute basic principle, we always carry a “pack” with cutlery, container, take-away mug, beeswax wraps, bottle and a re-usable bag. Other tips include:

  1. Buying from fruit and vegetable stores
  2. Finding what local bulk food stores are in the area and using containers or paper bags provided
  3. Looking for plastic-free options in the supermarkets
  4. Thinking ahead and making your own meals, so you can avoid takeaway (we try and make our own food for plane trips, because the meals are always incredibly wasteful)’

One of the greatest things about traveling plastic free is when people around you ask about your lifestyle, and you can share your knowledge and tips. This shows others that living and traveling plastic free is not impossible, and can easily become a way of life!