Easy Wins

Taking the first steps to a plastic free lifestyle can be the hardest. You’re developing new habits, which takes at least a month. So we say start small and keep adding!

A Reusable Bag
Any easy thing to do is carrying a tote bag/cloth bag with you for shopping. Chuck some in your car, in your bag or at the office. Have enough so there is always one nearby. Then you will find it easier to say no to one of the most common marine debris, the plastic bag. We promise you that once you force yourself to carry everything in your hands or shirt back to the car a few times after forgetting your reusable bag at home, you won’t repeat the mistake!

Also Check out Boomerang Bags, if there is a community hub near you, there might be a plan B!!

A Reusable Coffee Cup
Another simple task of investing in a reusable cup. Now make sure you like drinking from it, there are a lot of options. Do you want a glass or metal one, a lid or no lid? Does it need to fit in the cup holder of your car? Also what size coffee do you like? There is more than KeepCup out there! Once you have it, take it everywhere, so you are never without. If you forget it, forget the coffee (its the easiest way to learn to remember it).

A Water Bottle
Plastic bottles are another really common marine debris, and bottled water is an issues that has both social and environmental issues. Carrying your own water bottle really is more simple, saves you money and keeps our oceans clean. Consider getting one from a charity. The money goes to good causes and your bottle will promote them too.

A Lunch Box
For take away lunches, so you don’t use disposable plastic boxes. We also use them for getting cheeses and meats when we do our shopping. There are Tupperware options, but we like steel containers that are more hygienic and longer lasting too. We recommend getting one that still has a rubber seal, so your lunch doesn’t leak through your bag! Sometimes places refuse to give you food in your own container (due to hygiene or other strange rules). Our response is simple “no problem, I will find some place else. Have a great day!”

Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wraps are wraps made out of cotton fabric and melted beeswax, and are used to replace cling-wrap. They can be used to cover bowls, and wrap sandwiches or other items of food. They are super cheap and easy to make (see the video below), super funky, smell amazing, you can use them in the fridge, and after use you just wash them and they’re ready to go again!

Say No to Straws

Straws suck. They are mostly just used for decoration, many bars even put two in the glass because it looks good. They are used for about 2 minutes before just being thrown in the bin. What happened to just drinking from the glass? Whenever you order a drink, specify that you want no straw. Most of the time you will have to remind them a second time as they finish making the drink. Make sure you’re polite, remember that it is most likely routine for them and it’s difficult to change habits!