Changing Tides – Get a Copy!

Changing Tides is a film about a great adventure which also highlights the plastic problem our world has, and some of the solutions that exist.

It is important to us that this film is available to the public, so that our message can be carried out to the world. For that reason have a sliding scale for cost:

  • For public/community screenings: FREE
  • For NGO’s: FREE
  • For individual purchase: $15
  • For business/organisations: $25

If you would like to host a public screening or if you are an NGO, please contact us at with your request for a free copy of the film. If you are a hosting a screening, please provide the details, purpose etc. If you are NGO please provide your certificate of incorporation.

Film Poster

Changing Tides For Individuals – Digital Copy



Changing Tides for Business – Digital Copy


Once you pay for your film, we will get an email notification. From there, we will contact you and organise a filet transfer so you can have your very own copy of the film.