Where are we now?

Mathilde Gordon

Mathilde is currently working on an organic farm in Nanoose Bay, BC, Canada, enjoying some time on land. She is working with the farm owners at Nanoose Edibles Organic Farm (http://www.nanooseediblesfarm.com/) on reducing the use of plastics in their farming practices and in customer service, something that they have been experimenting with for years. She will be doing a presentation at the farm on our kayaking expedition and how we did it single-use plastic-free at the end of October, and many customers are looking forward to it. She also hopes to line up some school visits over the next few months, as she loves speaking to the young generation on the issue of marine debris. Every day she looks out to the islands we camped on almost two months ago, and on her next days off she will be jumping in a borrowed canoe and exploring them a second time with her partner!

Lucy Graham

Lucy headed back to Australia swiftly after the expedition to begin work at GetUp Australia. She is working with community groups across Queensland to contribute to environmental, human and economic rights campaign. In her spare time she is working with Plastic Free West End to reduce plastic consumption in her area. Also hosting marine debris cleanup events for Tangaroa Blue, and other interested groups. She is happy to present at schools, community groups and more. There are several events coming up in October.

Please head to our Contact Us if you are interested in Mathilde or Lucy hosting an event near you!

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